doc4pets - with heart and mind for the animals ♥

What doc4pets says sounds so simple - but it requires high motivation, professional competence and empathy. That's why we try to get better every day - all for the benefit of our little patients!


Veterinary quality

Close communication across location boundaries, coupled with a high level of professional expertise and modern diagnostics, enable very good care for our loved ones.

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Customer service

Animals don't just get sick when the vet is open. That's why we are often available to our patients/owners at our locations 365 days a year during extensive opening hours.


Economies of scale

We use our size to create advantages in purchasing, relief in business administration, marketing, etc. This allows the on-site veterinarian to concentrate fully on the little patients.

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Why this idea?

We as doc4pets firmly believe that the trend towards chains or the practice of lone wolves are being phased out.

The idea of ​​doc4pets is to offer the patient owner a clinic-like level

Dr. House is certainly a popular example here - as a team , we often come up with better solutions for the benefit of the patients.

In addition, a detailed discussion with the patient's owner is important - he is ultimately the one who has to decide, together with the veterinarian, which path he would like to take in the treatment of his pet.

In addition, as doc4pets we want to relieve veterinarians so that they can take care of what they enjoy most - healing patients. Administration, marketing, etc. should not burden him.

Extensive availability for patients while maintaining a work-life balance is essential.


What makes us different from a clinic?

With us you can accompany and follow the fate of a patient from the beginning to the end of the treatment. You are not exposed to the stress and deadline pressure of a clinic and therefore have more time to train according to your wishes.

What makes us different from a normal small animal practice?

Due to our size, which now has over 20 employees at 4 locations, state-of-the-art equipment (including didode and CO2 lasers) and a very collegial atmosphere, we enable everyone to have an interdisciplinary exchange. We believe that one person alone cannot know everything and therefore use our group knowledge for intensive exchange. We have experts in cardiology/ultrasound, others in internal medicine and others in (laser) surgery. At the same time, we have high-quality and exciting cases without the emergency service pressure of a clinic.

What makes us unique?

Our mentoring concept is unique, in which each initial assistant is assigned mentor
perspectives offered are also unique . We welcome and financially support further training, especially in the area of ​​general practitioners.

We also development up to managing director of a sister practice with the possibility of participation and later takeover. That doesn't happen again in Germany.

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Our model practice in Karlsruhe

Some customer opinions

We are an owner-managed group of small animal practices in the Baden area.
Due to our constant growth, we are always looking for veterinarians for small animal medicine. Our job offers are aimed at initial assistants who will be supported on their future career path as part of our mentoring program. But we also offer senior doctors for small animals exciting job offers and clear career prospects. As the managing director of one of our branches, it is possible to do more than just do a job, but also to take responsibility for personnel and business success. In addition, as a veterinarian, you have the opportunity to participate as an entrepreneur in the branch you run. We then call this job offer a partnership. We would be pleased if you would like one of the job offers/vacancies here and look forward to receiving many applications from committed veterinarians!

Veterinarian job offers at doc4pets