Arndt small animal center is a "Cat friendly clinic"

Arndt small animal center is a "Cat friendly clinic" 768 1024Sven Jan Arndt
The small animal centre Arndt in Karlsruhe-Durlach has received the international certificate as cat friendly practice "cat friendly clinic" in silver. This makes it one of the few clinics and practices in Germany that have achieved this.
"We are very proud of the certificate awarded by the International Society of Feline Medicine (ISFM), which recognizes our continuous efforts in education and the maintenance of high standards also and especially in cat medicine," says veterinarian Susanne Arndt, owner. The ISFM has been striving for years to spread a high standard in cat medicine worldwide.

What does that mean for your cat?

Cats have a finely graded body language, to understand this all employees are specially trained in dealing with cats and are constantly being trained.
As a recognised cat practice, the Arndt Small Animal Centre minimises the stress for house tigers from the very beginning - for example, by providing separate waiting areas for dogs and cats, but also separate wards for longer stays, specially equipped for cats with places of retreat and toys.
In addition, cats have raised parking areas and the specific treatment rooms are sprayed with a special spray that calms the cats. This makes the upcoming treatment very easy - the cats are relaxed and so blood sampling, x-rays and ultrasound examinations work very well.
So your little darlings will not only be healthy, but also optimally pampered, and everything will heal much faster.
More information about the certification standards can be found here-Cat friendly clinic standards.
With heart and mind for your animal - the Arndt Small Animal Center in Karlsruhe-Durlach!