Now: Corona and the video consultation

Now: Corona and the video consultation 1024 1015Sven Jan Arndt

doc4pets Karlsruhe/Karlsbad offers its customers - especially risk groups and people with animals in quarantine - a daily video consultation hour from 15-21 pm. There, the pet owner has the opportunity to present the problems of his animal using his mobile phone and Google Hangout.

Since we know the previous illnesses of these animals, we then have the possibility to assess whether and to what extent the animal must be brought to one of our practices. If necessary, we also make it possible to pick up the animals. In simple cases we can also deliver prescriptions or medication directly.

How can I use the video consultation hour?

To use this service you can register directly via Google or on our website an appointment which will then be confirmed.

15 minutes of the video consultation hour cost 22.56 EUR according to the GOT (fee schedule for veterinarians).

We wish all our customers that they and their loved ones come through this crisis healthy!

Your doc4pets team