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"As veterinarians, we experience it again and again that patient owners come to us with their animals in an emergency and in the excitement have forgotten all documents about the animal. This is humanly understandable. But with chronically ill animals it is often difficult in this situation to find out the pre-treatment or medication. We wanted and want to solve this problem with - of the digital animal health record among other things," says veterinarian Susanne Arndt. is a digital patient file primarily for dogs and cats. By means of the microchip ID of the animal and the call name deposited with Tasso, every veterinarian can determine the pre-treatment, existing illnesses and the current medication in an emergency - even if found. This can save lives.

For the pet owner, the digital animal health record has the advantage that he has all the documents about his animal in one place and can access them at any time, even when mobile. They can easily obtain a second opinion or referrals to specialist veterinarians or veterinary clinics are thus made easier and faster.

"What has already proven to be excellent in the human sector is in our opinion also a useful addition in veterinary medicine" says Sven Jan Arndt, Managing Director of doc4pets.

Because we believe in the usefulness/necessity of such a digital animal health record as presented by, we make it available free of charge to both pet owners and veterinarians. is operated by doc4pets GmbH from Karlsbad and is subject to the strict data protection regulations of Germany. For this reason, no personal data is requested during registration - only an email address is required to activate the service. The further anonymity of the individual patient file, which can only be accessed when logged in, is then under the control of the patient / pet owner himself, for example by blackening laboratory results, findings etc. at the appropriate places. But even without this measure the data securebecause the entire page SSL is encrypted. explicitly does not offer any veterinary services - it only serves the central administration of data of patient owners!

About doc4pets GmbH:
doc4pets operates several owner-managed small animal practices in southwest Germany. We are independent of investors or chains and are pleased to be able to offer veterinary medicine at a high level with Herz & Verstand at extensive emergency times. You can find our small animal practices at the moment in: