Your career opportunities in

Generally applies to all jobs:

  • In full time a 4 days week without 24h services - for part-time positions analogous
  • Fair payment with various additional services such as travel costs, food subsidies, emergency service participation etc. are a matter of course
  • Digital working time recording with leisure time compensation as well
  • own training budget, recognized online training courses & in-house doc4pets academy
  • The Arndt Small Animal Centre is authorised to provide further training as a specialist veterinarian for small animals and pets.

Initial assistant

We also offer university graduates or colleagues directly after their doctorate the ideal entry point with our mentoring program.

Depending on your field of interest and inclination, you will be carefully and thoroughly prepared for professional life and a career within the Verbund.

salary range (depending on experience): 2400-3200 EUR / month


The ability to plan working hours is important for a good work-life balance. That is why we always try to coordinate services and holidays at an early stage.

Of course, flexible working time models are feasible from half jobs to three-quarter positions to full-time positions.

salary range (depending on experience): 3000-4000 EUR / month

Senior physician

As a senior physician in one of our referral practices, you are responsible for leading the team in your shift. Professional authority to issue instructions to assistants and veterinary assistants results from professional and human competence. Good team spirit is important to us.

We support and advocate further training as a specialist veterinarian or specialisation with an additional title or doctorate.

Family planning is not a career obstacle for us. We support them and make it possible for them to return to work after a family break.

We are looking forward to a long-term cooperation.

Salary range (depending on experience): 6000- ... EUR / month


As a partner, you will initially be managing director of one of our group practices. You are responsible for the success of your practice in terms of personnel, medical and budgetary matters.

The group supports you in all the work that unnecessarily burdens you. For example, we help with extensive marketing activities, cross-practice exchange of experts, accounting/business management issues and growth plans.

The partnership includes a fixed salary commensurate with the responsibility, a company car and a performance bonus. Participation in the joint practice is supported and is expressly desired.

A later acquisition of the majority is possible.

Open job offers

Here you can find our current, open positions