All practices again Top Veterinary Practice 2022
All practices again Top Veterinary Practice 2022 150 150Sven Jan Arndt

In 2022, all our small animal practices are once again top veterinary practices according to Focus. We were particularly pleased that our small animal centre was again voted the best practice in Karlsruhe for dogs & cats by you, the patient owners, just like last year:

Top Veterinary Practice 2022 Karlsruhe

But our practices in Karlsbad and Renchen also rank in the upper echelons of their region:

Top Veterinary Practice 2022 Carlsbad
Top Veterinary Practice Renchen 2022

22,400 pet owners were surveyed on the topic of Top Veterinary Practice 2022 - 8500 veterinary practices and clinics could be evaluated. Of these, 1419 veterinary practices were recommended and 109 clinics.

In 2020 & 2021, Karlsbad was already top veterinary practice. Renchen and Karlsruhe were also added in 2021.

If you would like to see our other practices, more information on the rating system etc., please go directly to:

doc4pets launches trainee programme for veterinarians
doc4pets launches trainee programme for veterinarians 150 150Sven Jan Arndt
some of our vets

Probably the first and only trainee programme for veterinarians in German small animal medicine starts this August at doc4pets.

It is now possible to start training as a specialist veterinarian for small animals and pets at the same time as being trained in business administration and law, so that you can later take over your own practice as a manager and potential partner.

While starting a career as a trainee has established itself as an attractive alternative for potential managers in the commercial and engineering sectors, a comparable concept for veterinarians does not yet exist. FTÄ Doreen Succow on the concept: "We have developed an ATF-recognised training concept for our future managers based on the training requirements for veterinarians of the LTK Baden-Württemberg. And Co-CEO Dipl.-Ök. Sven Jan Arndt, LL.M. adds: "In addition to medical know-how, our trainees are also given the business management tools to run their own practice. From the practice for the practice.

Such a trainee programme offers many advantages - in addition to insights into different specialist areas and branches, intensive and structured support is provided by FTÄ Succow, Head of Training/Best Practice, who has been explicitly delegated for this purpose. In this way, a network of future managers is created in the group, who remain in lively professional exchange - synergies at their best.

In addition, a 4-day week in full-time, no 24-hour services, bonus programmes based on BPT also allow sufficient freedom for a good work-life balance.

More information about the concept and the application:

About us:

doc4pets GmbH is an owner-managed group of five small animal practices in the southwest of Germany. With its innovative and disruptive approach to veterinary succession, it offers the veterinarian willing to hand over a practice succession with qualified senior doctors from the doc4pets family. The latter, in turn, have the opportunity to participate in the acquired practice and later take over the majority. The focus is on the idea of the highly qualified freelancer, who is supported by the group in purchasing as well as marketing, accounting, etc.. This allows him to concentrate fully on his patients.

Due to continuous growth, doc4pets is always looking for veterinarians in small animal medicine who want to develop further in the future as an expert in the small animal centre or as a successor to a veterinary practice. You can find out more about the concept at:

Welcome to FTÄ Dr. Elisabeth Huber
Welcome to FTÄ Dr. Elisabeth Huber 150 150Sven Jan Arndt Elisabeth Huber

We are particularly pleased to welcome Elisabeth Huber to join our team in Renchen. Dr. Huber complements our team there, especially in the surgical area, and will significantly expand it. Dr. Huber comes from our colleague Dr. Grommelt in Kehl-Kork and was previously active in the veterinary clinic Hanauerland / Kehl. If you want to know more about the new range of surgical services, you can find more information here:

Further training authorisation to become a specialist veterinarian for small animals and pets
Further training authorisation to become a specialist veterinarian for small animals and pets 150 150Sven Jan Arndt
Further training authorisation for FTA

doc4pets is pleased to announce that its small animal centre Arndt in Karlsruhe-Durlach has now also been granted further training authorisation as a specialist veterinarian for small and companion animals under the direction of Ms FTA Doreen Succow.

This makes it possible to offer young colleagues a further perspective of professional qualification in our group. Further steps within the framework of our doc4pets academy are planned and will follow soon.

Welcome Specialist Veterinarian Doreen Succow
Welcome Specialist Veterinarian Doreen Succow 150 150Sven Jan Arndt

We were able to win Ms. Doreen Succow for our group as Head of Training / Best Practice.

What does this mean? This means that the doc4pets group has its own representative exclusively for the further training of our veterinarians, who regularly conducts further training, documents best practices and defines them for all practices.

FTA Doreen Succow

You can find out more about Ms Succow's impressive international CV here.

This ensures for the patient owner that the same high and usual quality of treatments is available at each of our locations.

For the veterinarians, this means that they targeted and structured receive regular in-house training as part of our doc4pets academy receive. Thus programmes are Initial assistants developed, but also individual further training for our Senior doctors. Ms Succow is supported by a team of external lecturers and our in-house expertise. Here we will soon be adding more exciting news.

Today Ms Succow gave her second lecture - this time on the topic of the abdomen:

doc4pets academy - Abdomen
We will be cheaper from 01.07.2020
We will be cheaper from 01.07.2020 1024 724Sven Jan Arndt

Dear animal lovers,
I don't know if you have ever noticed - at the vet you pay sales tax. In contrast to human physicians, we are veterinarians subject to value added tax. What does this mean for you? In principle, nothing, except that you as a consumer cannot deduct input tax and therefore our prices are subject to VAT for you. This is usually 19% on our services and 7% on feed & medicine etc.

Now the good news:
The Federal Government has decided to reduce the value added tax on 01.07.2020. We will of course pass this on to you 1:1. This means that from today on services are 3% cheaper and medicines & food etc. 2%.

We become cheaper
Photo by McGoo84 from FreeImages
The digital veterinarian
The digital veterinarian 580 720Sven Jan Arndt

Recently, a "new sow has been driven through the village" - the digital veterinarian. They call themselves Dr.Sam, etc.

What's a person to think?

First of all, here are some excerpts from the promises of these platforms:

online veterinarian / digital veterinarian
Dr. Sam makes some promises here. The first four points are immediately apparent to us and are certainly correct.

But what about point 5? Immediate certainty!

Certainty about what?

  • that my animal is sick or not?
  • that maybe I should take my pet to a registered veterinarian after all?
  • that I'm paying a fee now for some vague information? - Your digital vet goes even further:

  • "Our veterinarians can instantly determine how best to help your pet."
  • "The Fees are based on the official scale of fees for veterinarians. The height is therefore equivalent to any normal visit to a veterinary practice."

In order to be able to assess these statements a little, here is our experience from the daily operation of four small animal practices with well over 40 thousand cases per year:

  • a sick animal can only be examined in a very limited way, if at all via telephone or video chat - primarily it requires the physical inspection of an animal, palpation, fever measurement, control of vital functions, possibly smelling etc.
  • then often further diagnostic measures such as x-rays, ultrasound, CT, MRT and blood count follow
  • only these measures usually allow for a competent diagnosis and the corresponding therapy

Against this background, the following questions about the digital veterinarianarise:

  • how can he measure fever or examine vital functions (e.g. listening to a cat with pulmonary embolism etc.)?
  • how can he tell if a leg is just sprained or even broken?
  • even if he should be recklessly carried away to a remote diagnosis, which is actually forbidden by his professional ethics, what happens next?
  • How can he administer a painkiller or medication?
  • How does he write prescriptions?
  • How does he dress a wound?
  • How does he sew a bite?

One could spin these examples any further. The actual benefit of such a digital veterinarian therefore seems very limited:

The digital veterinarian, if he takes his training and professional ethics seriously, can, in case of doubt, always advise to consult a registered veterinarian or to find a suitable veterinary clinic.

Then the question does indeed arise - what is the advantage of the digital veterinarian?

  • in fact, we have many calls, especially in the emergency service, that actually do not want to come with your animal, but want an "absolution" by telephone, that everything is only half as bad and that you only have to go to the vet the next day - these pet owners can indeed be helped by such a digital vet - a placebo, which benefits the patient owner, but does not spare the animal suffering in case of doubt
  • if the digital veterinarian takes his profession seriously, then, to be fair, he probably has to send at least every second patient owner to a registered veterinarian, just like we did on our phone calls, because this is the only way to alleviate the suffering of an animal
  • The latter, however, costs nothing at your trusted veterinarian and if he should not be available, at the local veterinary clinic or the local veterinary emergency service as telephone information! This is the daily bread and service of every good veterinarian.
  • There are also veterinary clinics and emergency consulting hours nationwide, which are available 24 hours a day. So this alleged advantage of a digital veterinarian is also omitted.

Much more exciting is also the point - neither of the two mentioned platforms is operated by veterinarians - here the imprint of Dr.Sam:

The two directors are economists and not veterinarians. Also, the company's purpose, which is recorded in the commercial register, is rather vague and actually needs to be checked by the corresponding state chamber of veterinary surgeons:

The thing becomes even more exciting with the offerer your digital veterinary surgeon -

digital veterinary surgeon -

"The development, creation, marketing and distribution of telematics software." So where here is the reference to veterinary medicine remains hidden from us.

Against this background it is even more interesting, why such a platform charges according to the GOT (fee schedule for veterinarians) (according to own statement see above)? Here our veterinary surgeon chambers seem to sleep a little bit, the chambers that in some places would like to determine the size of the practice sign. Actually only someone who is a licensed veterinarian is allowed to charge according to GOT, or did we misunderstand something?

Also we do not find any of the veterinarians mentioned at as free or employed veterinarians on the internet! Also there is the term: "Veterinary surgeon, specialist area ophthalmology" so officially not. Should this possibly be a non-existent additional title or specialist veterinary training?

Our conclusion on the digital veterinarian:

  • The benefit of digital veterinarians seems to us to be very limited - what they can do, they get for free on the emergency phone or in every veterinary clinic as information free of charge.
  • The official operators of these platforms presented here do not come from the field of veterinary medicine and do not state this in their corporate purpose
  • So the question remains - is the term "digital veterinarian" / "online veterinarian" an unprotected professional title?
  • Is anyone allowed to settle accounts with such a platform according to the GOT?
  • When will the Federal Veterinary Association or the State Veterinary Associations review this apparently unregulated activity?


In the meantime, the first foreign providers (outside Europe - from Switzerland) are also setting out to cultivate the German market - we saw the following advertisement from today:

Here the question arises whether and to what extent a non-European company may offer services in the field of veterinary medicine / online veterinarian in the EU, as these are subject to completely different admission criteria than their German colleagues. Behind this specific case is a large Swiss corporation - the Migros Group, which is known for everything, but little or not at all for veterinary medicine.

Welcome Silke Kühne at doc4pets Renchen
Welcome Silke Kühne at doc4pets Renchen 150 150Sven Jan Arndt

We are very pleased to have won Dr. Kühne, an experienced small animal specialist, for our team in Renchen.

Dr Kühne is no stranger to the region. Before she worked for Dr. Schwing in Friesenheim for many years, she practiced in the practice of Elke Welberts in Lahr.

With Dr. Kühne, we now have three very experienced and highly motivated veterinarians in Renchen, who are available for you in the region of Offenburg, Achern, Bühl and Baden-Baden, both as good family veterinarians with extensive diagnostic possibilities and for more complicated operations.

You can find more information on our Renchen website.


doc4pets launches
doc4pets launches 1024 603Sven Jan Arndt

"As veterinarians, we experience it again and again that patient owners come to us with their animals in an emergency and in the excitement have forgotten all documents about the animal. This is humanly understandable. But with chronically ill animals it is often difficult in this situation to find out the pre-treatment or medication. We wanted and want to solve this problem with - of the digital animal health record among other things," says veterinarian Susanne Arndt. is a digital patient file primarily for dogs and cats. By means of the microchip ID of the animal and the call name deposited with Tasso, every veterinarian can determine the pre-treatment, existing illnesses and the current medication in an emergency - even if found. This can save lives.

For the pet owner, the digital animal health record has the advantage that he has all the documents about his animal in one place and can access them at any time, even when mobile. They can easily obtain a second opinion or referrals to specialist veterinarians or veterinary clinics are thus made easier and faster.

"What has already proven to be excellent in the human sector is in our opinion also a useful addition in veterinary medicine" says Sven Jan Arndt, Managing Director of doc4pets.

Because we believe in the usefulness/necessity of such a digital animal health record as presented by, we make it available free of charge to both pet owners and veterinarians. is operated by doc4pets GmbH from Karlsbad and is subject to the strict data protection regulations of Germany. For this reason, no personal data is requested during registration - only an email address is required to activate the service. The further anonymity of the individual patient file, which can only be accessed when logged in, is then under the control of the patient / pet owner himself, for example by blackening laboratory results, findings etc. at the appropriate places. But even without this measure the data securebecause the entire page SSL is encrypted. explicitly does not offer any veterinary services - it only serves the central administration of data of patient owners!

About doc4pets GmbH:
doc4pets operates several owner-managed small animal practices in southwest Germany. We are independent of investors or chains and are pleased to be able to offer veterinary medicine at a high level with Herz & Verstand at extensive emergency times. You can find our small animal practices at the moment in:

doc4pets at the Deutsche Vet in Cologne 2019
doc4pets at the Deutsche Vet in Cologne 2019 372 104Sven Jan Arndt

Today we had the opportunity to give a short lecture on the subject of veterinary marketing in the Business Theater of Deutsche Vet.

We would like to thank you for the numerous participation and hope we could give you some ideas for even better and exciting marketing of your practice.

Maybe we'll see one or two of them on the London Vet in autumn.

If you would like to have the lecture in full length as a file, please mail to