Reduction of value added tax

We will be cheaper from 01.07.2020
We will be cheaper from 01.07.2020 1024 724Sven Jan Arndt

Dear animal lovers,
I don't know if you have ever noticed - at the vet you pay sales tax. In contrast to human physicians, we are veterinarians subject to value added tax. What does this mean for you? In principle, nothing, except that you as a consumer cannot deduct input tax and therefore our prices are subject to VAT for you. This is usually 19% on our services and 7% on feed & medicine etc.

Now the good news:
The Federal Government has decided to reduce the value added tax on 01.07.2020. We will of course pass this on to you 1:1. This means that from today on services are 3% cheaper and medicines & food etc. 2%.

We become cheaper
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