Animal Insurance

Since by the new emergency service GOT, but also newer and newer surgical procedures and methods of treatment, the medical costs of animals are also increasing, we have tried to compile an overview of the most popular animal insurance companies here.

Which are the most important animal insurances?

If you own a dog, cat or pet animal such as a rabbit or guinea pig, you have probably already thought about animal insurance. With pet insurance, you can protect your wallet if your pet needs to go to the vet or if he or she accidentally harms other people. Although the insurance provides you with comprehensive coverage, you will only have to spend manageable amounts of money on it each month. Depending on which pet insurance you choose, the protection will cost you only a few euros per month. This can prevent unpleasant surprises, especially in cases of unexpectedly upcoming operations, which can quickly run into thousands of euros, even for dogs or cats.

But no matter whether you want to protect yourself from high veterinary costs for your dog, cat or pets or whether you only want a minimum insurance in case your pet harms third parties - always compare different offers with each other in advance. For example, a dog liability insurance can cost you 40 euros or even 140 euros per year.

What animal insurance policies are there?

According to a survey, almost 36 million pets live in German households. Particularly popular are cats (over 13.7 million) and dogs (over 9.2 million) and pets (6.1 million) - source: Industry association for pet supplies.

As different as every owner and every animal is, so different are the forms of animal insurance. The following overview shows you what types of insurance are available and what they cover:

  • Dog liability insurance: pays for financial losses, property damage and personal injury caused by the dog to third parties
  • Dogs OP insurance: covers all costs, which result if your quadruped has to go under the knife
  • Dog health insurance: Covers not only surgery costs but also general veterinary costs, for example for outpatient treatment
  • Cat surgery insurance: If your cat or cat needs surgery, the costs are covered as agreed in the contract
  • Cat health insurance: In addition to the operation costs, general veterinary treatments are also insured
  • Pet health insurance: Covers not only surgery costs but also general veterinary costs, for example for outpatient treatment

Liability insurance - dogs:

Dog Health Insurance & Cat Health Insurance

After finding few convincing products on the previous insurance market that also insure old and pre-diseased dogs and cats, we have now finally found a partner (Smart Paws) with whom we jointly market a pet insurance policy that offers health insurance cover for both older cats and older dogs. We have created a special website for this purpose, where you can find comprehensive answers to your questions about benefits, costs and other issues:

Dog Health Insurance & Cat Health Insurance
doc4pets Insurance powered by Smart Paws

Animal insurance for pets (rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas):

Rabbit insurance

Guinea pig insurance

Chinchilla Insurance