About us

A brief introduction to the leadership team

Our simple yet ambitious vision:

With heart and mind for animals!

medical management
TE Susanne Arndt

Place of study: Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Leipzig

6 years as an assistant veterinarian at the small animal clinic Dr.
Thomas Graf / Cologne 1 year setting up/expanding the small animal department in the Lahr Animal Health Center
since 2013 owner of the small animal practices in Karlsbad-Ittersbach / Karlsbad-Langensteinbach

Further training:
Further training for a Master of Small Animal Science at the Free University of Berlin,
ongoing training in the field of osteosynthesis


  • Member of the German Veterinary Medical Society
  • Cat Medicine Working Group of the DGK-DVG
  • Laser Medicine Working Group of the DGK-DVG

Hobbies: Her three dogs, photography, driving too fast

Animals: Märtha-Louise (13 years) – Dalmatian (deaf), Harald (7 years) – Dalmatian (deaf), Olav (5 years) – Long-haired Weimaraner (acts as if he is deaf)

TA Maria Apostolidou
Managing partner of doc4pets Renchen GmbH
TA Maria Apostolidou

Place of study: Aristotle University of Thessaloniki


1 year assistant in the small animal practice in Emsland,
most recently senior physician in the Karlsbad veterinary branch

Hobbies: Historical fencing, horseback riding and hiking

Animals: Cat Maya


Commercial Manager
Dipl.-Ök. Sven Jan Arndt, LL.M., CIA

Dipl.-Ök. Sven Jan Arndt, LL.M., CIA , after his first years in well-known auditing companies such as Arthur Andersen and Haarmann, Hemmelrath & Partner, spent 20 years in management positions at various well-known start-ups such as Antwerpes AG, Falk eSolutions AG, Neu. de, Pkw.de, Weg.de, fotocommunity.de etc. He then became self-employed as a business angel and investor.

In addition to his investments, he completed a master's degree in law with an LL.M. (corp.restruc.) at the Karl Ruprechts University in Heidelberg in 2017.

In 2013 he founded doc4pets together with his wife.

TA Anna Daum - formerly Traniee
Managing Director of doc4pets Malsch GmbH
TA Anna Daum

Place of study: Odessa University


12 years in a small animal clinic in Odessa,
3 years assistant in a small animal clinic in Heidelberg,
3 years assistant in a small animal clinic in Weingarten,
most recently senior physician in the Arndt small animal center in Karlsruhe-Durlach

Ms. Daum is a doctoral student at the Department
of Veterinary Medicine at the Justus Liebig
University in Giessen and is in the final stages of her doctorate.

Languages: fluent German, Russian and Ukrainian

Animals: cats

Why this idea?

We firmly believe that the chain trend or the lone wolf practice are becoming obsolete.

Our idea is to offer the patient owner a clinic-like level

Dr. House is certainly a popular example here - as a team , we often come up with better solutions for the benefit of the patients.

In addition, a detailed discussion with the patient's owner is important - he is ultimately the one who has to decide, together with the veterinarian, which path he would like to take in the treatment of his pet.

In addition, we want to relieve veterinarians so that they can do what they enjoy most - healing patients. Administration, marketing, etc. should not burden him.

Extensive availability for patients while maintaining a work-life balance is essential.