Who is doc4pets?

Veterinarian Susanne Arndt

doc4pets is an owner-managed group of small animal veterinarians in the Baden region with meanwhile five locations (Karlsruhe, 2x Karlsbad, Renchen & Malsch).

What makes doc4pets different?

Dipl.-Ök. Sven Jan Arndt

We train our specialists/successors in-house, who are then later able to take over the succession of a practice to be taken over. They will continue to be supported in the areas of logistics, marketing, accounting, etc. by the headquarters.

What does being a trainee vet at doc4pets mean?


At the same time, to start a specialist veterinary training for small and companion animals and, in parallel, to be trained in business administration/legal matters, in order to then later take over a practice of my own as a manager in the doc4pets group.