What is a trainee programme?

Trainee programmes are long-established career entry programmes for junior managers in industry and business administration - Gablers Wirtschaftslexikon defines this as follows:

During the term, there is a systematic rotation through different departments and functional areas of an organisation, coordinated with the entry-level employee (trainee).

Duration: minimum six to maximum 24 months.

Design: In addition to the changing areas of assignment, accompanying qualification programmes are usually offered. These serve in particular to deepen company-specific specialist topics and management methods, as well as personal development. The trainees are thus encouraged to think and act across departments. This should have the effect that in their later professional career within the organisation they not only consider the interests of their own department, but also include the effects on other organisational areas in their considerations and actions. In addition, the trainees can build up a cross-company network of contacts that can be helpful to them and their respective organisational area. This approach is often additionally promoted through the possibility of participating in mentoring programmes. Basically, a trainee programme increases the visibility of the participants. Thus, trainee programmes serve to qualify and develop versatile high performers and high potentials.

Parts of our veterinary team who are there for the trainees

What does this mean at doc4pets?

It is now possible to start training as a specialist veterinarian for small animals and pets at the same time as receiving business management/legal training in order to later take over your own practice as a manager and potential partner in the doc4pets group.

While starting a career as a trainee has established itself as an attractive alternative for potential managers in the commercial and engineering sectors, a comparable concept for veterinarians does not yet exist. FTÄ Doreen Succow on the concept: "We have developed an ATF-recognised training concept for our future managers based on the training requirements for veterinarians of the LTK Baden-Württemberg. And Co-CEO Dipl.-Ök. Sven Jan Arndt, LL.M. adds: "In addition to medical know-how, our trainees are also given the business management tools to run their own practice. From the practice for the practice.

Such a trainee programme offers many advantages - in addition to insights into different specialist areas and branches, intensive and structured support is provided by FTÄ Succow, Head of Training/Best Practice, who has been explicitly delegated for this purpose.

In this way, a network of future managing directors is created in the group, who remain in lively professional exchange. Synergies at their best.

In addition, a 4-day week in full-time, no 24-hour services, bonus programmes based on BPT also allow sufficient freedom for a good work-life balance.

This means that in addition to a well-founded and structured, further theoretical and ATF-recognised training worth several thousand euros, you have the opportunity to apply what you have learned directly in the small animal centre under the guidance of the mentor.

Examples of successful Group CEOs:

Gefü Simone Schüssler, former trainee
GF Simone Schüssler

After only 6 months as a senior physician at the Arndt Small Animal Centre, veterinarian Simone Schüssler took over a long-established practice in Renchen near Offenburg and has since been the managing director of doc4pets Renchen GmbH there and already has her first shares in this company. In the meantime, three veterinarians work there with their team.

Tina Anna Daum - formerly Traniee
GF Anna Daum

After periods of residency in Odessa and small animal clinics in Germany, veterinarian Anna Daum joined us as a senior physician at the Arndt Small Animal Centre. She took over doc4pets Malsch GmbH near Ettlingen at the beginning of 2021 and leads a team of 1.5 assistant veterinarians with team there.

Who can apply?

Are you a university graduate or have you gained your first professional experience and would like to take on a management role later, either in the team of experts at the Small Animal Centre or as the manager of your own practice? Then you are exactly right with us.

How can I apply?

Just send us a short motivation why you are interested in our programme with a meaningful CV via email - Stw. Trainee to: or call if you have any questions on 0160 93824803.