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New training for small animal doctors
New training for small animal doctors 150 150 Sven Jan Arndt
doc4pets Academy

Infections & vaccinations for small and pet animals

From September 6th, 2022, the new block will begin as part of the doc4pets Academy under the leadership of specialist veterinarian Doreen Succow .

This is aimed at advanced veterinary students, beginning assistants and practitioners who want to refresh their knowledge.

The 25-part course , which this time only takes place via Zoom , is accessible to everyone from the target group mentioned.

66 ATF hours are approved for this.

Further information about the individual subject areas, event dates and content can be found at:

doc4pets starts trainee program for veterinarians
doc4pets starts trainee program for veterinarians 150 150 Sven Jan Arndt
some of our veterinarians

What is probably the first and only trainee program for veterinarians in German small animal medicine starts this August at doc4pets.

It is now possible to start specialist veterinary training for small and pet animals at the same time and, at the same time, to receive business/legal training in order to later take over your own practice as managing director and potential partner.

While starting a career as a trainee has established itself as an attractive alternative for potential managers in the commercial and engineering sectors, a comparable concept does not yet exist for veterinarians. FTÄ Doreen Succow on the concept: “Based on the specialist veterinary training requirements of the LTK Baden-Württemberg, we have developed an ATF-recognized training concept for our future managers.” And Co-CEO Dipl.-Ök. Sven Jan Arndt, LL.M. adds: “In addition to medical know-how, our trainees are also given the business management skills to run their own practice. From practice for practice.”

Such a trainee program offers many advantages - in addition to insights into different specialist areas and branches, intensive and structured support is provided by the FTÄ Succow, head of training/best practice, who has been explicitly delegated for this purpose. This creates a network of future managing directors in the group who maintain a lively professional exchange - synergies at its best .

In addition, a 4-day full-time week, no 24-hour shifts, bonus programs based on BPT also allow enough freedom for a good work-life balance.

More information about the concept and how to apply: https://doc4pets.de/trainee

About Us:

doc4pets GmbH is an owner-managed group of five small animal practices in southwest Germany. With its innovative and disruptive approach to veterinary succession, it offers the veterinary doctor willing to leave a practice succession with qualified senior doctors from the doc4pets family. The latter in turn have the opportunity to participate in the acquired practice and later take over the majority. The focus is on the idea of ​​highly qualified freelancers, who are supported by the group in purchasing, marketing, accounting, etc. This means he can concentrate fully on his patients.

Due to its constant growth, doc4pets is always looking for veterinarians specializing in small animal medicine who would like to develop further in the future as an expert in a small animal center or as a successor in a veterinary practice. You can find out more about the concept at: https://www.doc4pets.de/trainee

doc4pets academy also during Corona
doc4pets academy also during Corona 902 1024 Sven Jan Arndt

Even during Corona Lock Down Light, we continue to provide our veterinarians with high-quality training - thanks to a corona-compliant shift schedule and appropriate hygiene measures.

doc4pets academy part III
doc4pets academy part III with Dr. Michael Cook

As part of the doc4pets academy, Dr. Michael Koch present - this group is currently dealing with the topics of surgical treatment of laryngeal paralysis and access to the salivary gland.

doc4pets academy – advantage:

As you can see, our extremely small groups enable very intensive and individual learning. This, coupled with your own tools, brings the best possible learning results.

The ultrasound courses will continue in December.

4x Focus Top Veterinary Practice 2021
4x Focus Top Veterinary Practice 2021 1024 768 Sven Jan Arndt

We are very pleased that all four of our veterinary practices have been named Top Veterinary Practice 2021 We have you to thank for this, because this award is a customer vote, for which the entire team would like to thank you very much! This means specifically:

Welcome to Ms. Veterinarian Susanne Helmlinger & Veterinarian Rohan Schnell
Welcome Ms. Veterinarian Susanne Helmlinger & Veterinarian Rohan Schnell 469 225 Sven Jan Arndt

Some people have already had the pleasure of getting to know our two new assistant veterinarians. Veterinarian Susanne Helmlinger initially studied biology at the Philips University of Marburg and graduated with a bachelor's degree. This was followed by studying veterinary medicine at the Justus Liebig University in Giessen. Ms. Helmlinger did an internship at Loro Parque on Tenerife, among other places, and is an asset to our practice in the area of ​​birds.

TE Susanne Helmlinger

Mr. Veterinarian Mag.vet. Rohan Schnell is from Luxembourg and, as his title suggests, studied at the University of Veterinary Medicine in Vienna. His current interests lie in the area of ​​physiotherapy in small animal medicine and (soft tissue) surgery.

TA Rohan Quick

Both work at our locations in Karlsruhe & Karlsbad.

We are pleased to have them both on board and wish you a good time with us!

A small impression of our small animal center in Karlsruhe-Durlach
A small impression of our small animal center in Karlsruhe-Durlach 150 150 Sven Jan Arndt