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We will be cheaper from July 1st, 2020
We will be cheaper from July 1st, 2020 1024 724 Sven Jan Arndt

Dear animal lovers,
I don't know if you've ever noticed - you pay sales tax at the vet. In contrast to human physicians, we veterinarians are subject to sales tax . What does this mean for you? In principle nothing, except that as a consumer you cannot deduct the input tax and therefore our prices are subject to VAT. That's usually 19% on our services and 7% on food & medication etc.

Now the good news:
The federal government decided to reduce sales tax on July 1st, 2020. We will of course pass this on to you 1:1. This means that from today on our services are 3% cheaper and medicines & food etc. are 2% cheaper.

We are becoming cheaper
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