doc4pets academy – reading x-ray images correctly

doc4pets academy – reading x-ray images correctly 150 150 Sven Jan Arndt

Things happen quickly at our in-house doc4pets academy. Today on Mother's Day Sunday we were able specialist veterinarian Doreen Succow as a speaker on the topic: Analysis & Interpretation of X-ray images. Ms. Succow trained as a veterinarian at the Small Animal Clinic at the University of Leipzig and then carried out various exciting practical tasks at home and abroad. Among other things, she was most recently clinic manager in Dubai in the NASCV.

PS: all participants were vaccinated at least once or tested immediately before the event.

FTA Doreen Succow

True to caretaker Krause's motto: " All for one, one for all , everything for the dachshund , everything for the club , our lives for the dog."

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