Welcome specialist veterinarian Doreen Succow

Welcome specialist veterinarian Doreen Succow 150 150 Sven Jan Arndt

We were able to recruit Ms. Doreen Succow to our group as Head of Training/Best Practice .

What does this mean? This means that the doc4pets group has its own representative exclusively for the further training of our veterinarians, who regularly carries out further training, documents best practices and defines them for all practices.

FTA Doreen Succow

more about Ms. Succow's impressive, international CV here .

This ensures the patient owner that the same high and usual quality of treatment is available at each of our locations.

For veterinarians , this means that they targeted and structured training in-house as part of our doc4pets academy . Programs are being developed for initial assistants , as well as individual training for our senior physicians . Ms. Succow is supported by a team of external lecturers and our in-house expertise. more exciting news coming soon .

Today Ms. Succow gave her second lecture - this time on the subject of the abdomen :

doc4pets academy – abdomen