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New training for small animal doctors
New training for small animal doctors 150 150 Sven Jan Arndt
doc4pets Academy

Infections & vaccinations for small and pet animals

From September 6th, 2022, the new block will begin as part of the doc4pets Academy under the leadership of specialist veterinarian Doreen Succow .

This is aimed at advanced veterinary students, beginning assistants and practitioners who want to refresh their knowledge.

The 25-part course , which this time only takes place via Zoom , is accessible to everyone from the target group mentioned.

66 ATF hours are approved for this.

Further information about the individual subject areas, event dates and content can be found at:

Legality of partnerships between veterinarians and business economists
Legality of partnerships between veterinarians and business economists 768 1024 Sven Jan Arndt

Backstory :
Veterinarian Susanne Arndt ran three small animal practices in the Karlsruhe area in the usual legal form for freelancers - a one-person company. As growth increased, the desire arose to convert it into a GmbH. However, the Conversion Act requires a registered legal form (even if it is just a registered merchant). However, the latter is not possible for a freelancer because he is not a businessman. Ergo, the only option was to found a partnership - consisting of freelancers (here: veterinarian and business economist). It was founded and also registered by the AG Mannheim.

The case:
The Baden-Württemberg State Veterinary Association applied for the deletion of this company on the basis of Section 21a BO because, according to their professional regulations, a partnership is only possible between veterinarians. Parodoxically, at the same time she pointed out to the two shareholders that they could implement their plan in the form of a GmbH!?

The decision of the BGH of February 15, 2022 - II ZB 6/21 - OLG Karlsruhe / AG Mannheim:
"A partnership between a veterinarian and a business economist is permissible according to the Medical Professions Chamber Act of the state of Baden-Württemberg."

The reasons given by the BGH:

The professional regulations of the LTK BW are not a formal state law, which is why the BGH was able to decide without involving the BVerfG.

§21a BO violates the priority of §30a Paragraph 1 Sentence 2 of the Baden-Württemberg Medical Professions Chamber Act (hereinafter: HBKG BW), according to which veterinarians can run a practice together with people in accordance with §2 Paragraph 1 No. 3 HBKG BW who have a state training occupation in the health sector, a scientific or social education profession.

The interprofessional associations of chamber members permitted by the HBKG BW cannot be restricted by the chambers' statutes.

There are therefore no public interest concerns that preclude interprofessional collaboration with a business economist (among other things because of Art. 12 Para. 1 GG - free practice of the profession but also §30a HBKG BW is not to be understood conclusively)

Such cooperation does not contradict the meaning and purpose of the HBKG BW, because “the definition of the permitted forms of professional practice should ensure that compliance with professional obligations in medical activities can be enforced in all legal forms .

At this point the judgment becomes exciting , because it goes on to say:

“The legislature wanted to fundamentally exclude commercial medical activity. Partnerships and legal entities are commercially active, but not members of the freelance professions... which includes a business economist.... The legislature has therefore only set out detailed requirements in Section 30a (2) HBKG BW for medical professional activity in legal entities in order to exclude commercial medical professional activity.”

And this is particularly exciting when you take a closer look at this paragraph:

§ 30a (2) HBKG BW:
The medical activity for a legal entity under private law requires that

  1. The object of the company is the exclusive performance of medical activities,

2. all partners are persons according to paragraph 1 sentence 2,

3. the majority of the company shares and voting rights belong to chamber members in accordance with Section 2 Paragraph 1 Numbers 1 to 3 or Number 5 and company shares are not held for the account of third parties,

4. at least half of the persons authorized to manage the business are chamber members in accordance with Section 2 Paragraph 1 Numbers 1 to 3 or Number 5,

5. a third party does not participate in the company's profits,

6. there is sufficient professional liability insurance for the legal entity under private law and the professionals working there and

7. it is guaranteed that the medical professional activity is carried out by the chamber members in accordance with Section 2 Paragraph 1 Numbers 1 to 3 or Number 5 on their own responsibility, independently and not commercially.

The details are regulated by the respective professional regulations.

If you now follow this passage from the HBKG BW, to which the BGH explicitly refers, what does this mean for chains like Evidensia or Anicura in Baden-Württemberg? Shouldn't the Baden-Württemberg State Veterinary Association intervene immediately and ban this?

duty of confidentiality are also extremely interesting :

“After all, a veterinarian (Section 2 Paragraph 1 No. 3 HBKG BW) - unlike the chamber members covered by Section 30a Paragraph 1 Sentence 2 ... has no right to refuse to give evidence in accordance with Section 53 Paragraph 1 No. 3 StPO. In contrast to the other chamber members ... a veterinarian does not have a special relationship of trust with his client, which includes and requires the protection of confidential matters worthy of protection (cf. BVerfGE 38, 312, 323 f.)."

Conclusion from our point of view:

  • Not everything that state veterinary associations write in their professional regulations is inviolable.
  • With the clear reference to Section 30a Paragraph 2 HBKG BW, the Baden-Württemberg State Veterinary Association has been given a clear mandate to check the local chains operated by financial investors and to intervene accordingly.
  • We are excited to see whether this will happen and thus ensure legal certainty!
Zlig article at Just4Vets
Zlig article at Just4Vets 594 839 Sven Jan Arndt

We are pleased that we were able to publish our experiences with the innovative cruciate ligament surgery method for dogs and cats - Zlig at Just4Vets - please click on the photo for the complete Zlig article:

All practices again top veterinary practice 2022
All practices again top veterinary practice 2022 150 150 Sven Jan Arndt

In 2022 , all of our small animal practices will again be top veterinary practices according to Focus. We were particularly pleased that, like last year, our small animal center was again voted the best practice in Karlsruhe for dogs and cats by you, the patient owners:

Top veterinary practice 2022 Karlsruhe

But our practice in Karlsbad and Renchen also ranks in the upper echelons of their region:

Top Veterinary Practice 2022 Carlsbad
Top veterinary practice Renchen 2022

22,400 pet owners were surveyed on the topic of Top Veterinary Practice 2022 - 8,500 veterinary practices and clinics were evaluated. Of these, 1,419 veterinary practices were recommended and 109 were clinics.

Carlsbad was already a top veterinary practice in 2020 & 2021. Renchen and Karlsruhe were also added in 2021.

If you would also like to see our other practices, more information about the rating system, etc., please go directly to:

doc4pets starts trainee program for veterinarians
doc4pets starts trainee program for veterinarians 150 150 Sven Jan Arndt
some of our veterinarians

What is probably the first and only trainee program for veterinarians in German small animal medicine starts this August at doc4pets.

It is now possible to start specialist veterinary training for small and pet animals at the same time and, at the same time, to receive business/legal training in order to later take over your own practice as managing director and potential partner.

While starting a career as a trainee has established itself as an attractive alternative for potential managers in the commercial and engineering sectors, a comparable concept does not yet exist for veterinarians. FTÄ Doreen Succow on the concept: “Based on the specialist veterinary training requirements of the LTK Baden-Württemberg, we have developed an ATF-recognized training concept for our future managers.” And Co-CEO Dipl.-Ök. Sven Jan Arndt, LL.M. adds: “In addition to medical know-how, our trainees are also given the business management skills to run their own practice. From practice for practice.”

Such a trainee program offers many advantages - in addition to insights into different specialist areas and branches, intensive and structured support is provided by the FTÄ Succow, head of training/best practice, who has been explicitly delegated for this purpose. This creates a network of future managing directors in the group who maintain a lively professional exchange - synergies at its best .

In addition, a 4-day full-time week, no 24-hour shifts, bonus programs based on BPT also allow enough freedom for a good work-life balance.

More information about the concept and how to apply:

About Us:

doc4pets GmbH is an owner-managed group of five small animal practices in southwest Germany. With its innovative and disruptive approach to veterinary succession, it offers the veterinary doctor willing to leave a practice succession with qualified senior doctors from the doc4pets family. The latter in turn have the opportunity to participate in the acquired practice and later take over the majority. The focus is on the idea of ​​highly qualified freelancers, who are supported by the group in purchasing, marketing, accounting, etc. This means he can concentrate fully on his patients.

Due to its constant growth, doc4pets is always looking for veterinarians specializing in small animal medicine who would like to develop further in the future as an expert in a small animal center or as a successor in a veterinary practice. You can find out more about the concept at:

Welcome Ms. FTÄ Dr. Elisabeth Huber
Welcome Ms. FTÄ Dr. Elisabeth Huber 150 150 Sven Jan Arndt Elisabeth Huber

We are particularly pleased, specialist veterinarian To welcome Elisabeth Huber Senior physician Dr. Huber complements our team there, especially in the surgical area and will expand this significantly. Dr. Huber comes from colleague Dr. Grommelt from Kehl-Kork and previously worked, among other things, at the Hanauerland / Kehl animal clinic. If you would like to know more about the new range of surgical services, you can find further information here:

FTÄ Doreen Succow
Advanced training course series with ATF recognition starts
Further training course series with ATF recognition starts 1024 768 Sven Jan Arndt

We are pleased to offer our first ATF-approved training series. This is a first compact block that is offered every Tuesday evening from August 3rd, 2021 under the direction of specialist veterinarian Doreen Succow.

You can find more information with a comprehensive course description at: Further training with ATF

This first ATF course runs from August 3rd, 2021 to January 18th, 2022 and the content is based on the further training to become a specialist veterinarian for small and pet animals at the LTK Baden-Württemberg. The course can only be booked as a whole and, if successfully completed, offers 61 ATF hours of recognition (of the 25 appointments, 22 appointments must be attended for recognition).

Of course, it is suitable for both beginning assistants and advanced veterinarians .

When designing this ATF training course, Ms. FTÄ Succow was important to ensure both a high theoretical level and practical implementation.

This is a face-to-face event that takes place at the Arndt Small Animal Center, Bergwaldstr. 30, 76227 Karlsruhe . Snacks and drinks are provided.

Authorization to continue training as a specialist veterinarian for small and pet animals
Authorization to continue training as a specialist veterinarian for small and pet animals 150 150 Sven Jan Arndt
Further training authorization for the FTA

doc4pets is pleased that its Arndt small animal center in Karlsruhe-Durlach has now received further training authorization to become a specialist veterinarian for small and pet animals under the direction of Ms. FTA Doreen Succow.

This makes it possible to offer young colleagues a further perspective on professional qualifications in our group. Further steps as part of our doc4pets academy are planned and will follow soon.

Welcome specialist veterinarian Doreen Succow
Welcome specialist veterinarian Doreen Succow 150 150 Sven Jan Arndt

We were able to recruit Ms. Doreen Succow to our group as Head of Training/Best Practice .

What does this mean? This means that the doc4pets group has its own representative exclusively for the further training of our veterinarians, who regularly carries out further training, documents best practices and defines them for all practices.

FTA Doreen Succow

more about Ms. Succow's impressive, international CV here .

This ensures the patient owner that the same high and usual quality of treatment is available at each of our locations.

For veterinarians , this means that they targeted and structured training in-house as part of our doc4pets academy . Programs are being developed for initial assistants , as well as individual training for our senior physicians . Ms. Succow is supported by a team of external lecturers and our in-house expertise. more exciting news coming soon .

Today Ms. Succow gave her second lecture - this time on the subject of the abdomen :

doc4pets academy – abdomen
doc4pets academy – reading x-ray images correctly
doc4pets academy – reading x-ray images correctly 150 150 Sven Jan Arndt

Things happen quickly at our in-house doc4pets academy. Today on Mother's Day Sunday we were able specialist veterinarian Doreen Succow as a speaker on the topic: Analysis & Interpretation of X-ray images. Ms. Succow trained as a veterinarian at the Small Animal Clinic at the University of Leipzig and then carried out various exciting practical tasks at home and abroad. Among other things, she was most recently clinic manager in Dubai in the NASCV.

PS: all participants were vaccinated at least once or tested immediately before the event.

FTA Doreen Succow

True to caretaker Krause's motto: " All for one, one for all , everything for the dachshund , everything for the club , our lives for the dog."

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