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Welcome to FTÄ Dr. Elisabeth Huber
Welcome to FTÄ Dr. Elisabeth Huber 150 150Sven Jan Arndt Elisabeth Huber

We are particularly pleased to welcome Elisabeth Huber to join our team in Renchen. Dr. Huber complements our team there, especially in the surgical area, and will significantly expand it. Dr. Huber comes from our colleague Dr. Grommelt in Kehl-Kork and was previously active in the veterinary clinic Hanauerland / Kehl. If you want to know more about the new range of surgical services, you can find more information here:

Advanced training course series with ATF recognition starts
Advanced training course series with ATF recognition starts 1024 768Sven Jan Arndt

We are pleased to offer our first ATF-recognised training series. This is a first compact block, which will be offered every Tuesday evening from 03.08.2021 under the direction of Ms Doreen Succow, a specialist veterinarian.

More information with a comprehensive course description can be found at: Training with ATF

This first ATF course runs from 03.08.2021 to 18.01.2022 and its content is based on the further training to become a specialist veterinarian for small and domestic animals of the LTK Baden-Württemberg. The course can only be booked as a whole and offers 61 ATF hours of recognition upon successful participation (22 of the 25 dates must be attended for recognition).

Of course, it is suitable for both beginning assistants and advanced veterinarians.

When designing this ATF training, it was important to Ms. FTÄ Succow to ensure both a high theoretical level and practical implementation.

This is a face-to-face event that will take place at the Kleintierzentrum Arndt, Bergwaldstr. 30, 76227 Karlsruhe. Snacks and drinks will be provided.

Further training authorisation to become a specialist veterinarian for small animals and pets
Further training authorisation to become a specialist veterinarian for small animals and pets 150 150Sven Jan Arndt
Further training authorisation for FTA

doc4pets is pleased to announce that its small animal centre Arndt in Karlsruhe-Durlach has now also been granted further training authorisation as a specialist veterinarian for small and companion animals under the direction of Ms FTA Doreen Succow.

This makes it possible to offer young colleagues a further perspective of professional qualification in our group. Further steps within the framework of our doc4pets academy are planned and will follow soon.

Welcome Specialist Veterinarian Doreen Succow
Welcome Specialist Veterinarian Doreen Succow 150 150Sven Jan Arndt

We were able to win Ms. Doreen Succow for our group as Head of Training / Best Practice.

What does this mean? This means that the doc4pets group has its own representative exclusively for the further training of our veterinarians, who regularly conducts further training, documents best practices and defines them for all practices.

FTA Doreen Succow

You can find out more about Ms Succow's impressive international CV here.

This ensures for the patient owner that the same high and usual quality of treatments is available at each of our locations.

For the veterinarians, this means that they targeted and structured receive regular in-house training as part of our doc4pets academy receive. Thus programmes are Initial assistants developed, but also individual further training for our Senior doctors. Ms Succow is supported by a team of external lecturers and our in-house expertise. Here we will soon be adding more exciting news.

Today Ms Succow gave her second lecture - this time on the topic of the abdomen:

doc4pets academy - Abdomen
doc4pets academy - Reading X-rays correctly
doc4pets academy - Reading X-rays correctly 150 150Sven Jan Arndt

Our in-house doc4pets academy is going from strength to strength. Today, on Mother ' s Day Sunday, we were able to win Doreen Succow as a speaker on the topic: Analysis & Interpretation of X-rays. Ms Succow completed her specialist veterinary training at the Clinic for Small Animals at the University of Leipzig and then held various exciting practical positions at home and abroad. Among other things, she was most recently clinic manager in Dubai in the NASCV.

P.S.: all participants were vaccinated at least once or tested themselves immediately before the event.

FTA Doreen Succow

True to the motto of caretaker Krause: "All for one, one for all, everything for the dachshund, everything for the club, our lives for the dog."

lecture doc4pets academy
doc4pets academy - Pain therapy
doc4pets academy - Pain therapy 150 150Sven Jan Arndt

After everyone had been quickly tested, we were able to continue our in-house training series yesterday evening with the topic of pain therapy / pain outpatient department. The lecturer was our senior physician Manuela Bencec, who has worked intensively in this area at the University of Giessen, among others.

In addition to veterinarians, veterinary assistants also took part:

And Tanay, who, however, seemed rather absent 😉

50 employees - we have exceeded them
50 employees - we have exceeded them 1024 653Sven Jan Arndt

When I met my current wife 17 years ago in Berlin, she was still a veterinary student in Leipzig. But even then she had big plans - it should be a veterinary clinic. A veterinary clinic it is now (still 😉 ) not exactly become, but a small animal center and four other fine small animal practices in the North Baden.

52 employees

Almost eight years ago, Susanne Arndt took over two veterinary practices in Karlsbad. She had four employees - including one assistant veterinarian, one trainee and two assistants. Today, our group employs 52 people at the five locations Karlsruhe-Durlach, veterinarians in Karlsbad-Ittersbach & Langensteinbach, veterinarian Renchen under the management of Simone Schüssler and newly veterinarian Malsch under the management of Anna Daum.

We could only reach this - for small veterinarians - impressive number because we always had a great team, great veterinarians, great veterinary assistants and meanwhile many hard-working temporary staff.

And last but not least, we have great and dear customers for whom we are always happy to be there and want to be there for as long as possible.

Dear Susanne - you can be proud of what you have built here. I love you - your husband!

Image credit: rclassenlayouts

doc4pets takes over the veterinary practice of Anke Essig in Malsch near Ettlingen
doc4pets takes over the veterinary practice of Anke Essig in Malsch near Ettlingen 922 700Sven Jan Arndt

With effect from 01.03.2021, the doc4pets Group will take over the small animal practice of Dr. Anke Essig. Mrs. Essig has built up this practice with three assistant veterinarians as a mixed practice - small animal and horse practice over 20 years ago with a lot of passion and commitment. Dr. Anke Essig on the takeover: "Unfortunately, there was no internal company succession, so we approached doc4pets. Within a very short time, a due diligence was carried out and an appropriate agreement was reached. Thus, my practice did not have to close its doors in January and my life's work will continue."

Veterinarian Susanne Arndt, managing partner of doc4pets GmbH: "When we were approached and then saw the practice for the first time, it was love at first sight. We are very pleased that we can ensure a quick and good practice succession with flexibility on both sides."

Anna Daum, veterinarian, with two assistant veterinarians and the corresponding team of veterinary assistants, will offer the patient owners from Malsch, Gaggenau, Ettlingen, Rastatt and Baden-Baden the high quality of veterinary services to which Dr. Essig is accustomed and will continue to expand them. For the area of horses we are still looking for a motivated equine practitioner in employment or as a self-employed partner. For more information about the new doc4pets family member, please visit:

About doc4pets:

doc4pets GmbH is an owner-managed group of now five small animal practices in the southwest of Germany. With its innovative and disruptive approach to veterinary succession, it offers the veterinarian willing to hand over a practice succession with qualified senior doctors from the doc4pets family. The latter, in turn, have the opportunity to participate in the acquired practice and later take over the majority. The focus is on the idea of the highly qualified freelancer, who is supported by the group in purchasing as well as marketing, accounting, etc.. Thus, he can fully concentrate on his small patients.

Due to constant growth, doc4pets is always on the lookout for veterinarians for small animal medicine/horse medicine. The job offers are aimed both at initial assistants, who are accompanied in the context of a mentoring program on your future path in the job. But also senior physicians for small animals are offered exciting job offers and clear career perspectives. It is possible, for example, to take on more than just a job as managing director of one of the branches, but to assume responsibility for staff and business success yourself. Alternatively, qualified senior doctors also have the opportunity to specialise further as a manager in a larger small animal centre and to set up and expand their own business areas. You can find out more about the concept at:

doc4pets academy Ultrasound Part II
doc4pets academy Ultrasound Part II 1024 768Sven Jan Arndt

Today the dear Dr. Wölfel from the University of Munich was back in the house. Today our initial assistants had the special pleasure of further training.

Dr. Wölfel hard on the assistant 😉

The next training courses in the field of surgery are also already planned for the beginning of February. We are pleased that these in-house training courses of the doc4pets academy, which are adapted to the respective level of knowledge, enable largely individual training with highly qualified external instructors.

This was already the 4th in-house course of the doc4pets academy this year. And of course, all of this for the best of your darlings.

doc4pets academy also for TMFA
doc4pets academy also for TMFA 150 150Sven Jan Arndt

Today, our veterinary assistants from Karlsruhe & Karlsbad are working in separate coronoconform layers with further training in the doc4pets academy. Everything about urine - the training is led by Idexx. Many thanks for the great support!

microscopy for veterinary assistants
Group #Ittersbach in happy anticipation