doc4pets takes over the veterinary practice of Anke Essig in Malsch near Ettlingen
doc4pets takes over the veterinary practice of Anke Essig in Malsch near Ettlingen 922 700Sven Jan Arndt

With effect from 01.03.2021, the doc4pets Group will take over the small animal practice of Dr. Anke Essig. Mrs. Essig has built up this practice with three assistant veterinarians as a mixed practice - small animal and horse practice over 20 years ago with a lot of passion and commitment. Dr. Anke Essig on the takeover: "Unfortunately, there was no internal company succession, so we approached doc4pets. Within a very short time, a due diligence was carried out and an appropriate agreement was reached. Thus, my practice did not have to close its doors in January and my life's work will continue."

Veterinarian Susanne Arndt, managing partner of doc4pets GmbH: "When we were approached and then saw the practice for the first time, it was love at first sight. We are very pleased that we can ensure a quick and good practice succession with flexibility on both sides."

Anna Daum, veterinarian, with two assistant veterinarians and the corresponding team of veterinary assistants, will offer the patient owners from Malsch, Gaggenau, Ettlingen, Rastatt and Baden-Baden the high quality of veterinary services to which Dr. Essig is accustomed and will continue to expand them. For the area of horses we are still looking for a motivated equine practitioner in employment or as a self-employed partner. For more information about the new doc4pets family member, please visit:

About doc4pets:

doc4pets GmbH is an owner-managed group of now five small animal practices in the southwest of Germany. With its innovative and disruptive approach to veterinary succession, it offers the veterinarian willing to hand over a practice succession with qualified senior doctors from the doc4pets family. The latter, in turn, have the opportunity to participate in the acquired practice and later take over the majority. The focus is on the idea of the highly qualified freelancer, who is supported by the group in purchasing as well as marketing, accounting, etc.. Thus, he can fully concentrate on his small patients.

Due to constant growth, doc4pets is always on the lookout for veterinarians for small animal medicine/horse medicine. The job offers are aimed both at initial assistants, who are accompanied in the context of a mentoring program on your future path in the job. But also senior physicians for small animals are offered exciting job offers and clear career perspectives. It is possible, for example, to take on more than just a job as managing director of one of the branches, but to assume responsibility for staff and business success yourself. Alternatively, qualified senior doctors also have the opportunity to specialise further as a manager in a larger small animal centre and to set up and expand their own business areas. You can find out more about the concept at: